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Need multiple Canon C70 Cinema Cameras for your next project? Enjoy even more of the C70's extreme dynamic range (coming behind only the Arri Alexa and Sony Venice according to CineD's lab tests) with our multi-camera combo package.


Adds 2x Canon C70 Cinema Camera, 2x Canon EF-RF Adapters, 2x Canon EF-RF 0.71x Speedboosters, 2x HDMI Monitors, 4x 128Gb V90 SD Card, 2x 64Gb V90 SD Card, 2x RODE NTG-2 Microphones, 2x Canon BP-A60 Batteries, 2x Canon BP-A30 Batteries, Fluid Head Tripod, Tentacle Sync Timecode Recorder and 2x 145Wh V-Mounts. 

C70 Multi-Cam Combo (Day Hire)

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