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Adds 1x Aputure XT26 2600w Bi-Colour LED Lighting Fixture.


The brightest LED fixture of all time. With 2.6kW of Bi-Colour LED power, the Aputure XT26 replaces the need for HMI 4k's and under. G/M Shift allows you to match lights across brands and in the hardest of locations - especially offices. 


Pre-order the XT26 with your All-in-One Package Hire and if it's not available by the time of your shoot, you'll recieve either the Arri M-Series M40 HMI as a replacement, or a full refund + a £100 coupon off your next All-in-One Hire with us.


Please note the Aputure XT26 is not available as a standalone dry-hire item. The Aputure XT26 is only available when also booking one of Bristol Production Van's All-in-One Packages. 

Aputure XT26 - Day Hire (Pre-Order)

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