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Bristol Production Van

All of the gear, none of the hassle.

Why do you need a Production Van?


Save Time

No need to pick up the day before or return the kit after a shoot. No need to spend hours searching for the best deals. 


Quality kit on a budget

Bristol Production Van - Crew Owned - Lux

Crew Owned

We're building a better future

Upgrade your next shoot, in 3 easy steps


Select your package

Add the right package to your Kit List.


Select any add-ons

Choose any extra cameras, lenses or lights you want to add to your





Just fill in your details and press checkout - no payment is required at checkout. We'll then invoice you for the booking fee (which guarantees your dates) and for the booking as a whole.


Everything you need - camera, lenses, lighting, sound, grip, support, power and any extras you've added - will then be delivered in our cart-based van, for an quick and efficient load-in.

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Create your next project with us

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